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Captain Tsubasa J - Guides FAQs Cheats Codes

1.~ Controls

To use combined shots, you just need to be near the player you wish to
combine and press the button for combination (X, if I'm not wrong) when
you see the red word flashing. For the special shots, you just need to
press the A button when the word near A gets red. The same for special
To recover your "energy" quickly, just confront a player that has some
rivality with the player you are controlling, for example, Hyuga and the
captain of the R.J.7 (I don't recall his name either), Tsubasa and
Pierre, Tsubasa and Carlos Santana... In the final level, I believe that
Tsubasa and Hyuga can be confronted with everyone, causing one of those
special events I bet you have already seen; if you win, your "energy"
will greatly rise.

2.~ Special Move's List

After the player name there is the name of the move, who else you need
in order to use it (in certain cases only) and finally the energy cost
for every player who uses it. Most of the translations are missing, I'll
work on them as soon as possible.

Sawada (Japan's no.3)
Twin Shot +Hyuga(no.13) hyuga 18 sawada 18

Ishizaki (Japan's no.4)
Ganmen Block ishizaki 16
Combined Tackle? ishizaki 16

Takasugi (Japan's no.5)
Rongu takasugi 6

Misugi (Japan's no.6)
Drive Shot misugi 20

Tsubasa (Japan and San Paulo's no.10)
Drive Shot tsubasa 20
Flying Drive Shot tsubasa 26
Drive Overhead Shot tsubasa 32
Drive Pass tsubasa 10
Heel Lift tsubasa 6
?????????????? tsubasa 4
Twin Shot +Misaki(no.14) tsubasa 18 misaki 18
Golden Combination +Misaki(no.14) tsubasa 14 misaki 14
Tiger Drive Shot +Hyuga(no.13) tsubasa 22 hyuga 22

Matsuyama (Japan's no.12)
Eagle Shot matsuyama 26
Eagle Pass matsuyama 10

Hyuga (Japan's no.13)
Tiger Shot hyuga 20
Neotiger Shot hyuga 26
Tiger Drive Shot hyuga 32
Force Dribble hyuga 14
Twin Shot +Sawada(no.3) sawada 18 hyuga 18
Tiger Drive Shot +Tsubasa(no.10) tsubasa 22 hyuga 22

Misaki (Japan's no.14)
Twin Shot +Tsubasa(no.10) tsubasa 18 misaki 18
Golden Combination +Tsubasa(no.10) tsubasa 14 misaki 14

Soda (Japan's no.15)
Kamisori Shot soda 26
Kamisori Tackle soda 16

Jito (Japan's no.17)
????? Shot jito 26
Force Dribble jito 14

Kazuo (Japan's no.18)
Twin Shot +Masao(no.19) kazuo 18 masao 18
Skylab +Masao(no.19) kazuo 25 masao 25
Skylab Typhoon Shot +Masao(no.19) kazuo 29 masao 29
+Jito(no.17) jito 29

Masao (Japan's no.19)
Twin Shot +Kazuo(no.18) kazuo 18 masao 18
Skylab +Kazuo(no.18) kazuo 25 masao 25
Skylab Typhoon +Kazuo(no.18) kazuo 29 masao 29
+Jito(no.17) jito 29

Aoi (Japan and Milan's no.20)
Shinkansen Shot aoi 29
????? Dribble aoi 6
Heel Lift aoi 16

Nitta (Japan's no.21)
Falcon Shot nitta 26

Wakabayashi (Japan's no.22)
Sankakugeri? wakabayashi 16
Counter Attack wakabayashi 4

Wakashimazu (Japan's no.23)
Sankakugeri wakashimazu 16
Shuto wakashimazu 10
Counter Attack wakashimazu 4

Hino (Japan's no.24)
Dragon Shot hino 29
Force Dribble hino 14

Yumikura (Japan's no.25)
Drive Shot yumikura 20

Urabe (Japan's no.29)
?????????????? urabe 16

Gino Hernandez (World and Milan's no.1)
Counter Attack hernandez 4

Kartz (World's no.2)
Hurinezumi Dribble kartz 14

Pierre (World's no.6)
Slider Shot pierre 26

Gentile (World's no.9 and Juventus no.10)
Homing Shot gentile 24

Santana (World and CR Furonoria's no.10)
Mirage Shot santana 32
Overhead Shot santana 26
Flying Drive Shot santana 20
????? Dribble? santana 6
Heel Lift santana 14

Schneider (World's no.11)
Fire Shot schneider 29

Dorman (Holland's no.1 and World's no.12)
Counter Attack dorman 4

Cruyfford (Holland's no.11)
Illusion Shot? cruyfford 26
?????????????? cruyfford 4

Leo Dick (World's no.3 and Holland's no.4)
????? Tackle leo dick 16

Faran Konsawatto (World's no.5 and Thailand's no.10)
Spatacrow +sakun faran 20 chana 20
+chana sakun 20
?????????????? +???? ???? 26 ???? 26

Bunnark (World and Thailand's no.4)
?????????????? bunnark 20
?????????????? bunnark 14
?????????????? bunnark 16

Chana Konsawatto (World's no.13 and Thailand's no.11)
Spatacrow +Faran faran 20 chana 20
+sakun sakun 20

3.~ Walkthrough

In this game you will be able to choose from different paths sometimes.
For making this walkthrough I always pick the first option... have that
in mind when reading this, ok?

Japan 1 vs R.J.7
Although this is the first match of this game, it will be quite hard.
Not even Hyuga's Tiger Shot is sure to score, so try using Hyuga and
Sawada's Twin Shot (it can score but only SOMETIMES, be careful) of
other shots of Hyuga... Try also striking with Nitta's Falcon Shot or
Matsuyama's Eagle Shot, if your are lucky enough they will be able to
score sometimes.

Japan 2 vs R.J.7
Really hard match, only the Tachibana Twins' SkyLab will surely score,
but since it requires both of the twins to have their bars full you
won't be able to see it many times. Try winning or just keep on

Japan 3 vs R.J.7
Even harder... only Misugi can score, using his Drive Shot.


CHAPTER 2 (Aoi Shingo)
Milan vs Juventus
Hum, your best players will be Aoi Shingo (I believe you will know fow
to recognise him, no?) and Gino Hernandez, your GK. Concerning the
opponent team, just be careful with Gentile, since he has a very good
shot plus he is one of the best forwards, so his team will pass him lots
of times for him to score. Apart from that, use Shingo for scoring and
the rest of the team for defending and backup your already referred main
striker, Aoi Shingo...


CHAPTER 3 (Carlos Santana)

San Paulo FC vs CR Furonoria
Your best player will be Tsubasa, who will play with his usual no.10. In
the opposite team, no.10 will be Carlos Santana, one of the best
brazillian players and a great rival for Tsubasa. Only Tsubasa has a
real chance of scoring, try using his best shot, although sometimes the
opponent GK can stop even the best of Tsubasa's shot, so be careful. For
increasing Tsubasa's energy, have him confront Santana... As for the
rest of the team, they should just defend.

CHAPTER 4 (Bunnark)

Depending on how you fight against R.J.7 the characters you will have
avaliable will be different. So, assuming you are a newby and you lost
all of them, your team's best players will be Tsubasa (no.10), Matsuyama
(no.12) and Misugi (no.6). That was the situation I considered to write
the next lines. If you have better players than those, the game will
surely be easier.

Japan vs China Tai Pei
The opponent team doesn't have any good players, so try just striking
with Misugi's Drive Shot and use Tsubasa to backup him... This won't be
really hard, 3 or 4 goals will be enough. Just be careful because your
GK is Morisaki.

Japan vs Thailand
Before this match you will receive Aoi Shingo, remenber to put him into
play, you may switch Sano with him. This match is easier than it seems,
just strike with all the specials from Shingo, Matsuyama, Tsubasa and
Misugi and you may score a lot of goals. At half time Wakabayashi will
join your team, so switch Morisaki for him so that you can have more
chances of defending your goal.


CHAPTER 5 (Schneider)

Japan vs "World"
Kinda hard... Your team will be playing against the best players in the
world... Attack with Tsubasa's Flying Drive Shot or Drive Overhead Shot,
Misugi's Drive Shot, Matsuyama's Eagle Shot or even Aoi Shingo's
Shinkansen Shot (costy but effective). With Wakabayashi your goals will
be quite safe, but you must still be careful with Schneider's Fire Shot
and those shots from Santana. Although this team has Gino Hernandez in
their goals it won't be very hard to score, since he doesn't appear to
be good anymore, he doesn't even use his right hand catch... Score as
much as you can but be also careful with all the opponent team, since
they have some "surprises" for you: did you ever noticed that sometimes
the opponent's can block your special shot? It may occur a lot in this
level, be careful where you shot, better try shooting when you don't
have a lot of players between your character and the GK.

So... you finished the game... play again and if you win all the battles
against R.J.7, after this level you will get a match against Holland.
So, if you are a true Tsubasa fan and you have the fifth movie, you know
what will be waiting you. Good luck!

4. Questions

Question: How can I play with Holland and the "World"?
Answer: You can play with them by pressing L and R at the same time while
you enter the Vs. menu. You will also be able to play with the "World"

Question: How can i use Wakashimazu's Sankakugeri and Ishizaki's Face
Answer: I don't know...

Question: How can i use any special moves?
Answer: Just press a specific key when you see its name in red, near the
referred keys.

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